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Understanding a Bail Schedule and How Bail Is Determined

According to the Ventura Sheriff’s office:

During the months of February and March, 2012, several residential burglaries were reported to the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office / Ojai Valley Station. In most of the cases, the suspect(s) removed jewelry and other valuables, sometimes after casing the area and posing as a door-to-door sales person. On 3/3/12, a suspect entered a residence in the 1400 block of Foothill Rd. and removed jewelry and an electronic music player. The suspect left behind shoeprints and fingerprints. These items were recovered as evidence during the processing of the crime scene.

Bail Schedule

Bail Schedule

On 3/5/12, deputies assigned to the Ojai Valley Station, assisted by detectives, conducted a probation search of Andrea Barrack, after developing her as a person of interest in the case. During the search, deputies located hundreds of items of jewelry that appeared to be related to the ongoing burglary crime spree. Items related to the Foothill burglary victim were located among the property, and evidence located at the suspect residence were matched to evidence located at the burglary crime scene.

Andrea Barrack was arrested for 459 PC (First Degree Residential Burglary), 496 PC (Receiving stolen property), and 11364 HS (Possession of a device used to smoke illicit drugs). She was booked at the Ventura County Pre-Trial Detention Facility for these charges.

Our Bail Bonds Company:

Barrack has three charges against her and each charge carries a bail amount. Bail amounts are derived by the local bail schedule. In the bail schedule are all the codes that a police officer will charge someone with and next to each charge is a related amount. 459 PC is Burglary Residential and has an amount of $50,000. 496 PC is receiving stolen property of $950 or higher and has an amount of $20,000. 11364 HS is possession of a device used to smoke illicit drugs and has an amount of $10,000.

So, that means the total bail amount is $80,000 for Barrack. This is only the amount according to the PC codes that were filed for the charges. The judge might lower or raise this bail amount and in extreme cases, might take the bail option completely away.

So, the bail amount is initially derived from a bail schedule. At this point, the defendant waits in the jail until their fingerprints are cleared. The officers run the defendant’s fingerprints through a national database to make sure there are no other outstanding warrants or charges. If there are, the bail amount is raised according to the additional charges. For example; say the defendant also has a warrant for another 459 PC, and we know that the bail amount for that charge is $50K, so $50K will be added to the $80K that we determined from the three other charges.

At this point the defendant can bail out on the total bail amount that the police officers assigned to the defendant or they can wait until their court date, which is usually within a couple business days and see if the judge will change the bail amount or release the defendant on their own recognizance. Normally, a defendant with multiple charges, such as the case with Barrack, usually bail out and hire an attorney for the next court date which changes to 45 days away when someone bails out. The multiple charges makes the case fairly complicated and having an attorney at your side can help tremendously.

Understanding a Bail Schedule and How Bail Is Determined

March 12, 2012