Thief Tries Paying Waitress Using the Waitress’ Stolen Credit Card

arrested bail bonds 1A thief in Arkansas got quite a shock when he tried to pay for his meal, including deserts, with a credit card that ended up being stolen from the waitress. She was very glad to give it back, but couldn’t believe what she was seeing!

Shamon West, 21, was in the restaurant eating when he handed over the card, just to find that it was the waitresses that he had “unknowingly” stolen days before. Well… he knew he stole a purse and other items from a car earlier that week, but he had no idea it was the waitress’ car! Talk about karma!

The waitress, Flora Lunsford, called police to report that the man had tried paying for his meal with her stolen credit card! Other items that were found on West that Lunsford had been missing included her Social Security card and her driver’s license. That could have gotten ugly!

West was arrested and is being held at the local jail in lieu of $2,840 bond on forgery and theft by receiving charges.

Original article: Thief Tried Paying Waitress With Her Own Stolen Credit Card

image credit: fotolia