Van Nuys Jail

S&H Bail Bonds (800) 500-7090 is located within steps of the Van Nuys Jail. Our Van Nuys office has been here since 1948. The Van Nuys Jail is only one of two jails that houses female detainees. The other jail is Lynwood. So, if the person you are looking for is female, most likely she will be held at the Van Nuys Jail or the Lynwood Jail.

Van Nuys Jail, Van Nuys Police Department
The Van Nuys Police Department polices the following areas: Sepulveda, Sherman Oaks, Valley Glen, Van Nuys, Ventura Business District and West Van Nuys. This covers 30 square miles and over 325,000 residents. The Captains that lead the division are Paul Snell and Tia Monett Morris.

The actual Van Nuys Jail and Van Nuys Police Department is located at:

Van Nuys Jail6240 Sylmar Ave
Van Nuys, CA 91401
Phone: 818-374-9500

There is a Van Nuys Community Program for the area where business owners, employees, and residents all work side by side with the Van Nuys Police Department. The meetings and cooperative goals are to address crime and issues that raise a concern in the community. Some of the programs that people can get involved in are: Watch programs, Mid Valley Community Police Council, Jeopardy, Valley CARES Family Justice Center, and Get involved, you can go here to learn about the programs.