Surprise Find at Open House: Naked Couple

real estate agent arrestedWhen you’re looking to find a place to get “away from it all” with your significant other, breaking into a vacant home for sale may not be the best choice.

Briana Noel Moore, 22, is now being charged with burglary, which is a felony, along with misdemeanor criminal mischief. Why? Because she took her 17-year-old boyfriend into a house that a local real estate agent was in the middle of setting up for an open house later in the weekend. And was caught!

The agent and his elementary-age children found the two lying naked on a bedroom floor. The couple ran from the home, but were later located by the cops.

Moore told the police that her 17-year-old “friend” kicked in the rear door of the empty home to get inside, which ended up getting split down the middle. The lock box that is used by real estate agents was also damaged, as was a window screen. Damage was estimated to be less than $1,500.

Bail has been set at $10,000. We’re not quite sure what happened to her boyfriend, though, since he is UNDERAGE and all...

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Original article: Realtor’s Children Find Naked People in Home for Sale

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