Man Gets Arrested For Stealing Cop Car, Surprised to Learn It’s a Felony

felony arrestA Floridian man was surprised to learn his joy ride in a cop car would lead to charges of a felony.

Eric Sirmans, 44, jumped into a parked Daytona Beach Police cruiser and drove away, while the lights and horn were continuing to blare! The cops quickly called it in and dispatch issued a be-on-the-lookout to other officers for one of their own squad cars. 

Sirmans was eventually apprehended in the vehicle, where he asked the question, “Is this going to be a felony?” The cops could do nothing but laugh. “Oh ya, it’s like the toppest felony we can go,” the officer responded.

Sirmans is charged with grand theft with damage more than $1,000, fleeing/attempting to elude and violation of pre-trial release conditions on a recent drug arrest. He is currently being held without bail at the local jail.

The police officer who had his car stolen is now the subject of an internal police investigation, as well, to see whether he violated any policies requiring that cars be locked when unattended.

To Sirmans’ credit, he did apologize to the officer, who responded, “I think we are a little beyond apologies” before arresting him and taking him in. Our biggest question, though, is… would he really have rethought the situation if he DID know it was a felony? Regardless, he knew he would be in trouble!

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Original article: ‘This Is A Felony?’ accused police car thief wants to know after chase

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