Dorm Prank Turns into Arrest at Tennessee State University

arrested tennessee state universityAt Tennessee State University, a college roommate situation has made it’s way completely down the drain.

A student at the University is facing charges after she was caught on film filling her roommate’s water bottle with toilet water. A definite no-no in the standard college roommate relationship!

The victim told police that she had been losing weight and hadn’t had an appetite recently, but couldn’t figure out what the problem was. That all became clear quickly, thanks to social media!

Tierni Williams, the victim’s roommate, bragged on Snapchat that she had been using a styrofoam cup to get the liquid from the toilet into their dorm room in Nashville.

She would then contaminate her roommate’s water bottles by filling them with the toilet water that she brought in from the bathroom. Narrating the videos herself, she said that her roommate is “gonna get sick from this.”

When will people learn social media is the best way to get busted these days?

Williams was arrested and charged with adulteration of food, liquid with bodily injury and was bonded out of jail.

We’re more curious if she had the guts to actually return to her dorm room!

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Original article: Worst Roommate Ever Arrested for Dorm Prank

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