Thief Steals $105K in Photos from New York Museum, Mails Them Back

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Two photographs were recently stolen from New York’s Museum of Modern Art. But in a bizarre twist, they were mailed back to the museum just days after they vanished. And now police want to know why!

The pictures, estimated to be worth more than $105,000, were part of an exhibit at the museum and were first discovered missing on October 30th.

No signs of forced entry into the museum were used and the cops had no leads. Unfortunately, the theft wasn’t caught on camera and nobody saw anything that looked suspicious.

So imagine everyone’s surprise when the pictures suddenly were recovered after being anonymously mailed back to the museum shortly after they disappeared!

Luckily, there was no damage to the pictures, but there was also no explanation. Authorities were able to trace the package back to a Brooklyn shipping store, however.

At the shipping store, police got their hands on surveillance video that appears to show a young woman wearing a dark cap, glasses and black overcoat entering the store. She was carrying a large FedEx box, which was similar to the one that the photographs were received in.

The NYPD released the surveillance video to the public and asked for assistance in tracking her down, because they clearly want to question her!

The burglar’s motives are still unclear and the case is under much investigation.

Original article: Photographs Worth $105,000 Stolen From the Museum of Modern Art, Then Mysteriously Mailed Back

Image Copyright: konradbak / 123RF Stock Photo