Norwegian Student Slapped with $30,000 Drunk Driving Fine

woman arrested bail bondIf you’re rich in Norway and get busted for drunk driving, you’re going to pay a pretty penny for your offense!

Katharina Anderson, 22, may only be a student, but she is also Norway’s richest woman, with a fortune of around $1.23 billion, according to Forbes. She is the second youngest billionaire in the world!

While many would call this a blessing, she recently got pulled over for drunk driving, where she was handed a fine of $30,400! Why? Because fines in Norway for drunk driving are based on the defendant’s income!

Believe it or not, she technically could have been charged up to $4.9 million, so she should probably thank her lucky stars!

But since many of her assets haven’t yielded any dividend yet, she has no fixed income. That means that she only was assessed the $30,400 fine.

She has also been banned for driving for 13 months. They really hit you where it hurts in Norway when you drink and drive.

Original article: Billionaire Norwegian Given $30,400 Drunken Driving Fine

Image Copyright: igorigorevich / 123RF Stock Photo