Man Learns Hard Way He Can’t Buy Pizza With Pot

pizza and potUsually when you go out to eat, you expect to have to use the normal forms of payment. Things like cash, credit cards, debit cards and sometimes even checks. Marijuana? Not so much.

A 24-year-old tried to pay for his Domino’s Pizza by slipping the clerk some marijuana, but the guy behind the counter was having none of it.

In all fairness, he did originally try to pay for his pizza and chicken parmesan with a ripped, but taped together $50 bill, but the clerk wouldn’t take that either. So he then took the ripped bill back and paid with a $20.

However, he wasn't done ordering and decided he wanted a drink to go with his food. However, he was out of money. This is when he pulled out his pot as payment.

The manager called the cops and when the officers arrived, they found a joint behind the man’s ear and found more joints in his backpack, along with a scale and three checks.

Imagine everyone's surprise when they found $87 in cash, which would have been more than enough to pay for his drink and avoided this whole fiasco!

The man was charged with possession of marijuana with intent to distribute and was being held on $5,000 bail.

Original article: Man Finds That He Can’t Make a Purchase at Omaha Pizza Place With Marijuana

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