Sheriff’s Deputy Robbed Bank, Fired From Police Force

man jumpsuit arrested policeA Sheriff’s Deputy was fired after allegedly robbing a bank recently. This definitely wasn’t a good career move for him!

“They know that they’re not going to be employed with me if they violate the law,” the head of the police force said. “They know what the law is.”

The deputy went into the bank, pulled out a gun and told the clerk he needed money. He then took off in a silver mustang, but his coworkers caught up with him about 5 minutes later. Imagine their surprise when they saw who the culprit was!

While the police force is thankful the former deputy didn’t injure anyone or resist arrest, they are still stunned by what happened.

“I am shocked and appalled about this behavior. His employment with our agency gave no indication of this type of behavior,” Sheriff Grice said.

The deputy in question was with the police for several years in the civil division, responsible for prisoner transport.

All money, luckily, was recovered.

Original article: Sheriff’s Deputy Fired After Arrest for Robbing A North Carolina Bank

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