Homeless Man Leaves Court Summonses in Car He Recently Broke Into

thief car arrestedA homeless man didn’t do himself any favors after he broke into car recently. He did, however, make it an easy job for the cops to find him.

Anthony Burks, 32, broke into a car and left two court summonses behind! A police officer recognized his name and knew exactly where to find him. Burks apologized but too little, too late.

He offered to return the two phone chargers, a power adapter and 10 sweatshirts and a tablet he had taken from the car, but not before he first claimed it belonged to a family member.

Burks has a criminal history dating back 14 years and it just got a little longer. He was arrested on charges of burglary and theft and was booked into the local jail.

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Original article: Homeless Offender Leaves Court Summonses in Burglarized Car

Image Copyright: welcomia / 123RF Stock Photo