Kids Arrested After Failing to Steal Pizza Delivery Car

teenagers arrested pizzaKids these days... not only were they not hold enough to even be driving, they also didn't know how to drive a stick shift. Looks like they tried to car jack the wrong pizza delivery guy!

The driver, Isaac Javier Ortez, had been delivering pizzas for 13 years and never had anyone attempt to steal his car before, until recently, that is.

“They came out and said we no order any pizza, but when they tell me that I hear my car in the driveway make a big noise,” Ortez said.

He ran to the car to find two masked teens inside, who quickly figured out they weren’t stealing anything since they couldn’t even get the car into gear!

The teens left the car in neutral, jumped out and ran.

Deputies quickly caught 13-year-old, Miguel Garcia, and 14-year-old, Rojelio Sebastian.

Ortez is still shaking his head over how these little kids thought it would be a good idea to try to steal his car. “They look like little kids. They look like babies,” he said.

From now on, Ortez is going to make sure to take his keys with him, lock the car and be safe. He’s extremely thankful that nothing too bad happened and he’s well aware of how ugly the situation could have turned out.

Both teens now face grand theft auto charges. Don’t they know they could have just played a video game if they were interested in grand theft auto?!

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Original article: Teens Attempt to Steal Pizza Delivery Car, Can’t Operate Stick Shift

image credit: WBBH/WZVN (Waterman Broadcasting)