Bank Robber Throws Stolen Cash Over Taylor Swift’s Fence

bailbondsIf you’re trying to impress one of the biggest stars of all time, robbing a bank may not be the way to go. This guy, however, didn’t get the memo.

Bruce Rowley, 26, has been charged with robbing a bank. After, he decided to head to Taylor Swift’s Rhode Island mansion and threw the cash over the fence. Why? Well, because he wanted to impress a multimillion dollar star!

The cops claim “it seemed he wanted to propose” to Swift, so he drove approximately 60 miles and started throwing some of the $1,600 he stole from a bank over her fence. Because we’re sure $1,600 would impress Taylor Swift, multimillionaire...

Rhode Island State Police pursued him all the way to Connecticut, where he was arrested. When asked what he was doing, he told the cops all about his plan to impress Swift.

Rowley was held on $100,000 bond at his recent arraignment and will be due back in court soon.

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Original article: Bank Robbery Suspect Trying to Impress Taylor Swift

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