Woman Busts Naked Intruder in Bathtub, Eating Cheetos

fotolia 43770160A woman walked into her home where she found Evelyn Washington in her bathtub, eating her cheetos and not seeming to have a care in the world. One could say that she was caught orange-handed!

Washington, 29, was taken to the local jail where she faces charges of simple burglary and damage to property. She remains in jail with a bail bond set at $500.

Once the cops were called, they found a tall ice chest under a broken window on the home’s east side. Washington claimed a friend of hers told her to break into the victim’s home, but it was never established if another party was involved.

Washington didn’t seem to mind getting comfy cozy in the bathtub, though!

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Original article: Woman Broke in Through a Window to Take a Bath, Eat Cheetos

image credit: fotolia