High-End Home Robbed in L.A. After Security Guard Distracted by Pretty Lady

short shorts girl wantedIt’s happened before, it will happen again… boys get distracted by good looking girls. It’s the age-old story, right? Boy gets distracted by girl. Girl ties boy up. Girl robs multi-million dollar house.

This happened to a security guard recently! He was distracted by a girl in short shorts and was quickly overpowered by four men who held him up with a gun. The security guard lost his weapon and was helpless as the thieves burglarized the multi-million dollar home in Los Angeles.

The five suspects fled the scene in a black and maroon minivan with fake plates. Luckily, no injuries were reported, but the suspects are still at large.

Original article: Woman in Short Shorts Distracts Security Guard, Who is Overpowered and Zip-Tied in Burglary of Multi-Million Dollar West L.A. Home

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image credit: picjumbo.com