arrested jailIt takes a new kind of low to steal from Girl Scouts! A man approached an innocent 10-year-old girl and her mother as they sold cookies outside of a grocery store and said, “Give me all your money and no one will get hurt.”

The mother swore she had nothing to give him, despite him showing what looked like a gun. Roman Anthony Mira, 23, ended up walking away.

Mira pleaded guilty to charges of first-degree attempted theft and third-degree assault as part of negotiations with the local prosecutors.

He was sentenced to nine months, the high-end of what was possible for the theft charge, but the low end for the assault charge. As part of his sentence, he will also spend a year on community custody.

Mira’s family wrote the court that he was remorseful about his actions and were going to do everything they could to support him upon his future release.

Before he was arrested, he had been attempting to get help for heroin addiction and had been accepted into a state program, but the paperwork arrived while he was in jail.

Hopefully he gets the help he needs so all Girl Scouts will be safe.

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Original article: He Was Sentenced to Less Than a Year for a Failed Heist at a Girl Scout Cookie Booth

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