Thieves Try to Sell “Air Jordans” Sneakers After Stealing Them

thieves wantedThree men recently jumped a teenager in New York City and stole the $2,000 Air Jordans right off of his feet. When they tried to sell them at a consignment shop moments later, they found out the hard way that they were just knock-offs and were essentially worthless!

Ain’t that a pair of kicks in the head!

Luckily, the store’s surveillance camera captured video of them as they tried to sell the fake shoes. Police are now asking for the public’s help to identify the wanted men.

The teen was standing on the sidewalk when the muggers’ white sedan slowly passed by, then pulled over. The three ran out of the car, grabbed the victim from behind, pulled him to the sidewalk and grabbed the shoes right off his feet. They quickly ran back to their car and bolted from the scene.

It is unclear if the victim realized that the sneakers were fake, though, as he told the police that the three men stole his “$2,000 Air Jordans” from him. His parents may have pulled a fast one on him!

The employees of the pawn shop had no idea that the shoes were stolen and claimed that it seemed like just any other transaction. The men said they just wanted to sell them and were curious how much they could get for them. Clearly, they were disappointed when they realized they were fake! “Cheaper material,” a pawn shop employee said. “The stitching was different.”

That poor teen got mugged for his sneakers AND found out they were fake all along! Talk about a bad day.

Original article: Sneaker Thieves Tried to Sell ‘Air Jordans’ Minutes After Robbery

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