Woman Drives Through Half-Marathon as Runners Attempt to Stop Her

woman arrestedEither this woman totally didn’t get that roads were closed due to a half-marathon going on, or she just didn’t care!

She drove her car through a traffic cone and tried to cross the half-marathon route. When confronted by runners, she claimed she just couldn’t find another way out. One runner tried to stop her, but she kept on going. Soon, a group of runners stopped and stood right in front of her so she couldn’t move anymore.

“I can’t get out! Listen, I’ve tried to get out every which way. I have a workshop in Okehampton. I have had no information… I went very slowly.”

A police officer ordered her to stop during the event, which she clearly wasn’t pleased about, based on the footage that was taken by eyewitnesses! He told her, “Don’t move, stay there.” She tried to reason with him, stating she would be late for her meeting, but the officer didn't seem to care.

Witnesses condemned the woman’s actions and described it as disgusting behavior. Luckily, nobody was injured.

Original article: Woman Ignores Road Closures to try and Drive Through Half-Marathon

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image credit: https://metro.co.uk