Drunk Man Takes Cab to Impound Lot, Rams Mercedes Through Gate

couple dui arrestedA Key West man, whose job was to park cars, has been accused of stealing a Mercedes-Benz from an impound lot recently. But that’s just part of the story. He was also drunk and ended up ramming the car through a gate to get out of the impound lot. Smart!

Kevin Taylor Jones, 48, was arrested for felony burglary, grand theft auto and criminal damage over $1,000, along with a misdemeanor DUI.

It’s still not quite clear if the car was Jones’, or if perhaps it was one he had been responsible for as a valet, but ultimately, the car had been towed for being illegally parked. Jones then took a cab to the lot, stiffed the cab driver and jumped the fence to get into the Mercedes. He then drove it straight through the lot’s locked gate before heading north on the local highway. He was caught about 10 miles away and taken to jail, where his blood-alcohol content was measured at 1.62. That is over twice the legal limit!

The cab driver was the one who called the police, after seeing Jones take off and drive through the gate. He told the police Jones still owed him $16.25 for the ride and a $50 waiting fee.

The impound lot also said Jones caused at least $5,000 to the gate and they will be pursuing charges against him, as well.

Jones was locked up without bond. We don’t think he’s going to have to worry about driving a Mercedes anytime in the near future!   

Original article: A Drunk Man Took a Cab to an Impound Lot. Then He Rammed a Mercedes Through The Gate

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