Bank Robbing 101: Don’t Drop Stolen Cash When Running From the Bank

arrested handcuffs bail bondIt seems like it may be pretty basic robbing knowledge, but this guy didn’t seem to get the memo. Because of his sloppy antics, he ended up getting arrested and charged in connection with a robbery at a local bank.

Jeffrey Wolfman, 32, went into the bank and demanded money from a teller before running away on foot. He apparently didn’t think to bring a bag to store the money in and just shoved money wherever it would fit in his clothes.
Multiple witnesses told the cops that he ran out of the bank and when he removed some of his clothes, money came flying out. When police approached Wolfman, more money dropped out of his clothes. Safe to say, he was pretty much caught red-handed.

Wolfman was arrested and charged with second-degree robbery and is currently being held in the local jail while awaiting his detention hearing.

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Original article: Bank Robbing 101: Don’t Drop the Stolen Loot On The Way Out

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