Man Driving Go-Kart Arrested for DUI

go kart arrested duiGenerally when you’re driving a go-kart, you are on a regulated track and paying for the experience. Not this guy!

Nicholas Lardieri, 31, was caught driving a go-kart in the middle of the night down a city street, where he was pulled over by the cops. Lardieri exhibited signs of being under the influence of alcohol and police took him into custody following a short investigation. He was charged with DUI and was also found to be in possession of marijuana, as well. In addition, to his DUI and marijuana charges, he was charged with driving under a suspended license DUI-related and other various traffic offenses.

Maybe stick to Mario Kart buddy.

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Original article: Man Charged With DUI While Operating Go-Kart in Carlisle

image credit: pixabay