Man Steals Date’s Car to Go on Another Date

car head lights arrsetedYou just never know what is going to happen when you go on a date with someone new. This woman sure wasn’t expecting to get her car stolen!

Kelton Griffin showed up at the woman’s house to take her out, however, she ended up driving. Before reaching the restaurant, Griffin asked the woman to stop at a gas station. When they arrived at the gas station, he even had the nerve to ask the woman to go into the gas station and get him some cigars! Strike two.

Unfortunately, while she was in the gas station, he switched spots and drove off in her Volvo. But it wasn’t over yet. He stole her car to take another woman on a date!

Later that night, a different woman contacted the victim and told her that Griffin had picked her up and taken her on a date. She realized whose car it was and called police, and told the cops to meet her at the drive-in movie theater, where they found the Volvo and Griffin.

Griffin was immediately arrested and charged with theft of property.

Luckily, the woman got her car back unscathed, but her ego was a little banged up.

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Original article: Memphis Man Steals Date’s Car, Goes On Another Date

image credit: fotolia