Trio Steal Shark By Disguising it as a Baby

shark trio wantedYou never know how Shark Week is going to affect people! A shark was stolen from a San Antonio Aquarium by a very well-trained trio who clearly watched too much of the popular week of television!

The group stole the shark from an open pool where visitors had been allowed to reach in and pet the different species of animals that were in the tank. Two men and a women were seen on camera and are now wanted in connection with the theft.

One of the men grabbed the shark by the tail, while the others wrapped it in a wet blanket, put the shark in a bucket and put the bucket in a stroller.

An employee witnessed the whole thing and immediately notified management, but by the time they returned, the shark thieves were already out the door and unable to be apprehended.

“When we first got the call, we thought it was kind of a hoax being that it was Shark Week last week on TV,” the police said. “But, it turns out someone actually went inside the aquarium and stole a horn shark.”

Based on the videos that were captured of the trio, it appears the group had to have some knowledge of aquariums and likely went specifically for that one shark.

“It’s very obvious the person knows what he’s looking for and went there specifically for that area. We got a good look at the person - or persons involved. There’s three people involved,” police said.

The group also attempted to pass the shark off as a baby to get out of the door undetected.

The manager followed the trio out to the parking lot to confront the group about the shark, but one of the men refused to let Spellman search the truck. He said his son was extremely sick and they needed to leave immediately and drove away.

However, the driver left behind the other two suspects! Whoops!

The cops have already tracked down the vehicle and are working to figure out who was driving at the time of the theft. They do have a person of interest in custody and have impounded the truck. So far, no charges have been filed, however.

When all the suspects are arrested, they will face felony theft charges. The police are also exploring whether federal charges can be filed against the shark thieves.

Unfortunately, the aquarium doesn’t expect the one-and-a-half foot shark to survive. “We’ll be surprised if the shark survives. We sure hope it does, but being outside of that environment that it’s made to be in - warm water and salt water - there’s a good chance it won’t make it.”   

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Original article: Surveillance Video Shows Trio Stealing Shark By Disguising It As A Baby

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