“Dine-and-Dash Dater” Faces 13 Years in Prison

Dine and dash daterOne wouldn’t expect a 45-year-old man to act this way, but indeed he did! What did he do, you ask? He took financial advantage of women he met online. First, he took them to dinner, than dashed out without paying his share of the bill! Eventually it caught up with him, because he was arrested and recently pled not guilty to extortion, grand theft and related charges.

Paul Guadalupe Gonzales, also known as the “dine-and-dash dater” faces seven counts of extortion, two counts of attempted extortion and one count of grand theft, all felonies, as well as two misdemeanor counts each of defrauding an innkeeper and petty theft.

He was ordered back in court for a preliminary hearing to determine whether there is sufficient evidence to proceed to trial.

So how did this guy pull it off? He would tell his dates he was headed to the men’s room or out to his car to get a phone charger, or any other excuse he could think of. Than he’d bolt out of the restaurant, never to return!

Eight women ended up being scammed by this Casanova, one in the belief that Gonzales was going to pay her back. Two other women were lucky enough to have the restaurants pick up the check after Gonzalez took off.

When all was said and done, he defrauded the eight victims out of more than $950 in meals that took place between May 2016 to April of this year along the LA coast.

He also pulled his scam at a hair salon where he received services and left without paying.

Gonzales now faces a maximum penalty of 13 years in jail if convicted. The good news is he will get lots of free meals in jail!

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Original article: ‘Dine-and-Dasher’ Arraigned On Felony Charges

image credit: abcactionnews