Burbank Bail Bonds

As a Burbank Bail Bonds company residing in Burbank CA, we’ve enjoyed the wonderful surroundings as the city nestles up to the mountains. Downtown Burbank CA is usually bustling with activity and gets even busier as the night comes.

That’s when most of our Burbank Bail Bonds calls come in, usually right after the bars close or the mornings thereafter.

If you live in Burbank CA you’ll recollect that the Burbank Jail had a makeover a couple of years back and the new facilities is fantastic.

Also, if you have apprised yourself of where the jail is, you can find it easily on third st., downtown Burbank CA. Its interesting to note, that when we were writing bail bonds for Burbank, the entrance was on the side of the building and you would take the stairs down to the basement. Nowadays you can enter through the large doors above or by the stairs. Our opinion, enter through the large doors upstairs, the new structure is beautiful and worth a walk through.

Once you get that call from you loved one or friend in Burbank CA, give one of our Burbank Bail Bonds agents a call. They can meet you at the jail, your house, or even at the local restaurant, i.e. BJ’s, Barney’s Beanery, or other.

The paperwork is very easy and if you have any questions, our bail bonds agents can simplify the entire bail bonds process for you. Any question you have is important to us.

Also, we can stay with you while we wait for the defendant to be released from jail. Sometimes this takes quite a while. The last time we bailed someone out from the Burbank CA jail, it took three hours for them to be released, AFTER, we had already posted the bail bonds.

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