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Glendale Bail Bonds

Glendale Bail Bonds

Glendale CA inhabitants are quite the normal bunch with regards to the other surrounding cities. As a “Glendale Bail Bonds” company we have found that this city keeps us pretty busy. We are in and out of the Glendale CA Jail fairly often. So if you need to know anything about this particular detention center, feel free to call, 800-500-7090. Especially if you or your friend is in need of a Glendale Bail Bonds.

Bailing someone out in Glendale CA is very simple. The complicated part comes when determining if the signor or indemnitor are worthy of being responsible for the defendant. The best scenario is usually: the mother’s son is in jail for a small charge, bail is between $20,000 and $50,000, the mother is comfortable signing for her son, she has great credit and a long term job.

Bail Bond Rates

Our Glendale Bail Bonds company sees this scenario maybe three times a month and more if the jails are busy. The other scenario is; my boyfriend is in jail, bail is $50,000, for domestic violence, he beat me up, he has no relatives in town, just moved here, the girlfriend is visiting from Florida, both her credit and the defendant’s are completely shot, they have collections, foreclosures, car repo’s, and other penalties, neither has any cash to pay for the $5,000 premium (cost of getting the $50K bail bonds).

It can be very obvious to anyone reading this site which bail they would write. The decisions on either of these bonds is very easy, yes on number 1 and absolutely no on number 2. The hard choices when underwriting a bail bonds come when there is a mix of the two.

The mother has okay credit, some cash for the premium, she and her son both live in Glendale CA, he doesn’t work, but she does, and on and on. With these scenarios no decision will be made until forty, fifty, or even sixty questions are answered about the indemnitor and defendant. And most likely the Glendale bail bonds agent will ask for collateral; i.e. house.

For any help whatsoever with Glendale bail bonds, call us anytime. 800-500-7090