Los Angeles Bail Bonds

Whether you live in Los Angeles, Silver Lake, Hyde Park, or Walnut Park, Los Angeles Bail Bonds is here to help release your loved ones from the Los Angeles Jail. We understand that this is probably your first time dealing with an arrest. SH Bail Bonds will assist you in posting bail and getting out of jail fast. We can assist you immediately with your bail bond needs at the Los Angeles jail.

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An individual arrested in Los Angeles is taken to a police holding facility in or near to the Los Angeles Police Department jail. The Los Angeles Jail and surrounding jails can be overwhelming, at anytime, feel free to give us a call so that we can help you figure it all out.

Bail Bond Process

Once we post a bail bonds, the defendant will be released as soon as possible. Then their court date is usually a few weeks after that. During that time, they may wish to retain legal counsel representation.

If the defendant does not want to post the bail bonds, the individual will usually be held at the jail until they go to the local Los Angeles court. After court, if the individual is still in custody, the defendant is usually relocated to the main downtown Los Angeles jail (Twin Towers Jail / Men’s Central Jail).

The Twin Towers Jail is a very large facility and therefore takes a very long time for defendants to be released. If the individual is still eligible for a bail bond, it may be posted at Twin Towers Jail. That process can often take up to 24 hours for release, primarily because of the size and scope of the Twin Towers Jail. We usually advise that the bail bond be posted at the smaller Los Angeles jails.

The Lynwood jail is the main women’s jail in Los Angeles County.

Bail bonds in Los Angeles are usually completed in several hours. When you call, we will give you sensible time frames to complete the bail bond.

As you move forward in the bail bonds process, never hesitate to give us a call. We will always be here to guide you through the process at all hours of the night.