Northridge Bail Bonds

Located South East of the San Fernando Valley, Northridge Ca is a smaller town with two attractions that stand out the most. The Northridge Mall and California State Northridge. Our Northridge Bail Bonds (800) 500-7090, office has provide bail bonds in this area for some time. The name of the jail is the Devonshire Police Station. The current population for that the Devonshire Jail overseas is 219,136.

The Devonshire Police Station

The Devonshire Police Station currently serves the neighborhoods of Chatsworth, Northridge, Canoga Park, Granada Hills, and Winnetka. The
Captains are; Sean Kane and Maureen Ryan. The phone number for the jail is (818) 832-0633 and they are located at 10250 Etiwanda Avenue.

There’s a stead stream of a need for bailing people out in the Northridge area. Most of the culprits are drunk drivers and domestic violence scenarios. Nowadays, most of the people arrested in this area end up in the Van Nuys jail. With today’s economics, most of the jails in Los Angeles County have been scaled down with one of the results being losing the jail and the personnel to run it. So if you know of someone arrested somewhere in Northridge Ca, you can either give us a call at 800-500-7090, call the Devonshire Jail, or even try placing a call to the Van Nuys Jail. No matter what, if you call us we will be able to find the defendant and most likely help you out.