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Palmdale Bail Bonds

Palmdale Bail Bonds

Palmdale Bail Bonds by S&H: Located at; 729 East Ave Q, Palmdale CA, 93550, Call 800-500-7090. We are the closest bail bonds company to the Palmdale Jail.

Palmdale CA is located just over the San Gabrial Mountain range north if you are traveling from Los Angeles. Palmdale CA has around 152,000 inhabitants which is up 40,000 since 2000. Palmdale grew very fast during the real estate boom and has since seen an enormous amount of foreclosures and bank repossessions in the housing market.

Home to the Edwards Air Force Base and also the United States Air Force Plant 42. After a while, Lockheed also made a home here. Palmdale is considered the Aerospace Capital of

Individuals living in Palmdale CA will most likely need to enjoy the heat since the average high temperature is above 80 degrees and four months out of the year its above 90 degrees. The area is desert living so the lows at night are very low and the temperatures get pretty during the day.

The Palmdale Police Station is fairly busy since it patrols all of Palmdale and some of the local mountains. The Palmdale Police Station is located at 750 East Avenue Q, Palmdale, CA 93550. If you need to contact the jail directly, their phone number is, (661) 272-2400. The Captain is Bobby D Denham who has been a member of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department for 33 years.

Palmdale Bail Bonds
If you have someone at the Palmdale jail and would like to bail them out, please give us a call at 800-500-7090.

Our Palmdale Bail Bonds company has been bailing out people from the Palmdale Jail since 1948. We can either meet you at the Palmdale Jail or at our offices located at:

729 East Ave Q
Palmdale,CA 93550
United States