Pasadena Bail Bonds

UntitledA local Pasadena CA person has a pretty good life. Pasadena has 100′s of restaurants and bars that will satisfy anyone’s eating needs. The night life is fairly vibrant with Colorado Street providing many choices for the local party goer. Anything from clubs to bars with pool tables and other activities. Along with these late nights come some of the risks when people are going out.

The Pasadena Police remain very busy every night of the week. It makes for a pretty busy Pasadena Bail Bonds office. S&H Bail Bonds has been bailing out people from the Pasadena Jail for many years. One would actually think that most of the time we are bailing out people from DUI charges, but actually its domestic violence and drug charges.

Maybe our “Pasadena Bail Bonds” office gets more domestic violence and drug bail bonds due to the fact that most DUI suspects are usually left out on their own recognizance. It’s very rare that someone with a domestic violence charge is left out on their own recognizance as well with drug charges.

Most DUI suspects will be held in jail until they are able to take care of themselves and recover from the alcohol intoxication. Once that happens, the Pasadena police will let the individuals go. The defendants then are responsible to take care of their court dates.

The domestic violence and drug charged defendants don’t get it that easy. They are issued Pasadena Bail Bonds. This means that they must get someone to bail them out and the cost is according the what the police officer issued for that bail bonds. Most domestic violence bail bonds are either $25,000 or $50,000. Therefore the defendant needs one of two things. Someone needs to come up with cash totaling the entire bond, $25K or $50K.

The other choice is to hire a Pasadena bail bonds company. In this situation you are hiring a bail bonds company to post the bail bonds for you. This means that they will post a bond worth the total amount of your bail, i.e. $25K or $50K. The cost for this service is 10% of the total bond. $2500 or $5000.

This is why most people who want their friends or loved one out of jail quickly, usually hire a Pasadena Bail Bonds company. At S&H Bail Bonds it is very rare that our clients ever come up with cash totaling the bail bonds.

Our Pasadena Bail Bonds office is here to help you at any hour of the day. 24 hours a day, 365 days a week.

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