Santa Monica Bail Bonds

S&H Bail Bonds 800-500-7090 is proud to serve the Santa Monica CA area. Our bail bonds agents understand the jail system there and can answer any questions you might have. The Santa Monica Jail is nestled in Santa Monica CA on a couple minutes away from the Pacific Ocean.

Speak with most anyone in Los Angeles and most likely they have visited Santa Monica CA for one reason or another. Most of the time they’ll tell you that they are there to visit the 3rd Street promenade. This is a part of 3rd street that is no long blocked off, its actually cordoned off for good. Here you’ll find 100′s of great restaurants and small boutique stores. Lately, within the past few years, larger chain stores have been popping up. Most of the local merchants are against this idea, but in reality, the larger chain stores actually bring in more crowds and indirectly helps the smaller stores out monetarily.

Intermingled between the boutique retail stores you’ll find almost any kind of food you’d like to eat and any kind of bar you’d like to sit at. There are plenty of sports bars to choose from plus and myriad of bars with pool talbes and other activities.

Head out doors and wander down the rest of 3rd street promenade and you’ll find plenty of street performers that will keep you entertained for at least a few minutes as you venture through the crowds. Keep walking and you’ll find the promenade ends, make a left and in a short five minute brisk walk you’ll end up at the beach.

DUI Bail Bonds

With all these possibilities of endless entertainment, you’ll quickly realize that there are possibilities of the public getting in to some trouble with the law. Most of the time is a small charge of DUI and hopefully its a drunk in public. Which is someone who is wobbling down the street a little too intoxicated. These are a lot better than if that very person would have gotten behind the wheel.

Other than DUI’s we normally get bail bonds calls for domestic violence, drug charges, and some sort of theft. Our bail bonds agents are quick to help out any family member or friend who has someone in this Santa Monica Jail.

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