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Bail Bonds in Los Angeles

For over six decades, S&H Bail Bonds has provided bail bonds services throughout southern California. Our longevity is testement to our customer service which has produced a large number of repeat and referal customers. The principle of customer satisfaction has always been a staple of our company and it continues today.

Since 1950, we have been bailing people out of jail. S&H Bail Bonds has an extensive understanding of every aspect of the bail bonds process. We understand how stressfull it can be to have a friend or loved one arrested so we dedicate ourselves to making the process as easy as possible.


Bail Bond License & Affiliations

Professional Bail Agents of the United States (PBUS)

California Bail Agents Association (CBAA)

Member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB)

Member of the Natioanl Notary Association (NNA)


SH Bail Bonds has been serving the all of California since 1948. Ever since Don Horowitz created SH Bail Bonds back in 1948, our bail bonds company has been proudly bailing out defendants from any jail located in California.

Don started the company back in 1948 with Stanley Spector. After a while Mr. Spector decided to endeavor in other areas and Don stayed around.

The corporate headquarters is located in Van Nuys CA, right next to the Van Nuys Firestation. If you visit the corporate office, you will find some very old pictures of the area. You’ll notice that the Van Nuys Government building across the street actually used to be the old Police Station.

SH Bail Bonds is next door to the Van Nuys Firestation and has been for over 60 years. They’ve seen Station Chiefs come and go. If you visit the station, you can speak with the current Station Chief and he’ll let you know, in 1975, he was an apprentice there.

As a bail bonds company, SH Bail Bonds is very interested in what is going on in the community and also the state. We always keep abreast of the politics and police News. Throughout the years we have seen many mayors come and go as well as governors.

Our bail bonds agents are of the highest quality and have years of experience. They are all members of the National Notary Association. They have all had their bail agents licenses for over 10 years. They know the bail bonds industry inside and out.

Our bail bonds agents are here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They are available to answer any questions you might have regarding the bail bonds industry. Their knowledge of the bail bonds industry doesn’t stop there.

Because they post work at most of the jails in California, they also have extensive knowledge of the how all the Los Angeles Jails work.

Latest News & Events

Sheriff’s Deputy Robbed Bank, Fired From Police Force
Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Sheriff’s Deputy Robbed Bank, Fired From Police Force

A Sheriff’s Deputy was fired after allegedly robbing a bank recently. This definitely wasn’t a good career move for him! “They know that they’re not going to be employed with me if they violate the law,” the head of the police force said. “They know what the law is.” The deputy went into the bank, pulled out a gun and told the clerk he needed money. He then took off in a silver mustang, but his coworkers caught up with him about 5 minutes later. Imagine their surprise when they saw who the culprit was! While the police force is thankful the former...

Man Arrested for DUI After Losing a Wheel and Crashing
Friday, 09 February 2018

Man Arrested for DUI After Losing a Wheel and Crashing

A man was arrested for a suspected DUI after he crashed into a minivan while driving on the wrong side of the road. That didn’t stop him, though! He continued driving for a block, even after losing a wheel! The truck crossed the center line and drove into oncoming traffic for several blocks before it finally hit the back of a minivan. Oh, and all of this happened in the middle of the afternoon! When the driver finally stopped in front of a house, he told the home owner to “not tell the cops that he was texting.” Not to mention his...

Man Learns Hard Way He Can’t Buy Pizza With Pot
Monday, 29 January 2018

Man Learns Hard Way He Can’t Buy Pizza With Pot

Usually when you go out to eat, you expect to have to use the normal forms of payment. Things like cash, credit cards, debit cards and sometimes even checks. Marijuana? Not so much. A 24-year-old tried to pay for his Domino’s Pizza by slipping the clerk some marijuana, but the guy behind the counter was having none of it. In all fairness, he did originally try to pay for his pizza and chicken parmesan with a ripped, but taped together $50 bill, but the clerk wouldn’t take that either. So he then took the ripped bill back and paid with a $20. However,...

Damaged Car Without Plates, Mirrors or Windows Pulled Over By Cops
Monday, 22 January 2018

Damaged Car Without Plates, Mirrors or Windows Pulled Over By Cops

Generally, if your car doesn’t have license plates, mirrors or windows, it probably isn’t fit to be on the roads! But that didn’t stop this driver! The car had extensive damage to all parts of the vehicle, along with a unique blue and yellow paint job. Clearly, the police couldn’t just let that car pass by when it was spotted. The driver reported having no insurance (shocking!) and the police informed him that the car was too dangerous to drive and was seized. The police gave the driver a ride home, with a few tickets to weigh him down. Read another bail bond...

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Our Client say's

  • It’s difficult to rate a company when you are basically just dealing with them for a few short hours. But the time we spent at the Van Nuys Bail Bonds office was just great. They had hot coffee and cocoa for my kid while we were waiting for our cousin to get out of the Van Nuys Jail. The bail bond agents that were on staff that day were very patient and answered all of our questions. Thank you.
  • We had called around to a couple other companies, but after speaking with Mike and Jennifer, the bail bonds agents, it was clear that we would be working with them. Thanks to everyone over at SH Bail Bonds for your help.
  • We needed a bail bonds company in Ventura County and this company came through. They helped us out when we needed them. It was very early in the morning, we were partially asleep, but they were wide awake and happy to help us out. Thank you all very much.
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